Solaris is the name of an eight-piece band of seeker-songwriters with a mission of musical inspiration. Relevant lyrics and sweet vocal harmonies combine with acoustic guitar, keyboard, mandolin, drum, bass and fiddle to create a musical experience that is humorous, insightful, audacious, inspiring and profound.

Described as "Mind Blowing" and "Magical," Solaris in concert delivers a fresh set of "pure and relevant" music. With their "Beautiful harmonies" and "So Positive" lyrics leaving audiences "Nothing short of inspired and uplifted" or just "Absolutely blown away."

Solaris Music Samples


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High Five 4:45
Good Folk Rock 2:34
All of the Above 5:44
Believe 4:07
Every Piece 4:09

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Solaris All of the Above concert on Cortes Island

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